Epoxy Resin Table Tops
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Epoxy Resin Table Tops (Radius Edge)

Our epoxy resin table tops are a great solution for customers looking for style, safety, comfort and a great price. The integrally molded 1/2” edge radius is designed to ease forearm fatigue and our unique 1-1/2” rounded corners reduce the risk of damage to clothing or injury due to accidental impacts when moving through the classroom or work area.

Epoxy Resin Table Tops – High Performance Worktops Bring Safety, Comfort and Durability to Laboratory, Classroom and Production Settings

Epoxy Resin Table Tops are the ergonomic surfacing option for harsh lab and industrial environments. These solid tops are made with an epoxy resin formula to resists heat and chemicals for years of use in the harshest environments.

Go Green With Your Epoxy Resin Table Tops

Greenstone surfaces contain a minimum of one pound per square foot of recycled post-consumer content to meet LEED requirements. Greenstone should be viewed as an important part of the overall project to obtain LEED accreditation.

Epoxy Resin Table Top Specs

These epoxy resin worksurfaces are individually molded (1.0” [25mm] ) thick solid epoxy resin products with a uniform low-sheen finish. Table worksurfaces shall have integrally molded .50” [13mm] radius edges and 1.5” [38mm] radius corners.

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