Frequently Asked Questions

Is Epoxy Resin Porous?

Epoxy Resin Countertops are not porous. Epoxy resin tops are poured into molds making them uniform throughout the entire surface.

Is Epoxy Resin A Good Surface To Cut On?

You can cut on Epoxy Resin Countertops BUT it is not recommended. Epoxy resin was designed to withstand chemicals, water and heat. Cut marks and scratches are permanent and will affect the look of the surface but will not affect the performance of the epoxy resin surface.

How Heavy Are Epoxy Resin Countertops?

1” thick Epoxy Resin tops will weigh approximately 11 pounds per square foot and 3/4” Epoxy Resin will weigh approximately 9 pounds per square foot.

Do Phenolic Resin And Epoxy Resin Tops Come With Standard Drip Grooves?

Yes, Epoxy Resin Countertops and Phenolic Resin Tops come with a standard drip groove. Please request if you would not like a drip groove with you countertop or table top surface.

Can Epoxy Resin Tops Be Fabricated On-Site?

Yes, but it does require the right tools. Diamond tip tooling is required to cut Epoxy Resin. Cutting Epoxy Resin Tops will expose a dull finish that requires an epoxy resin dressing kit to restore the edge to it original look.

What Is The Recommended Distance Allowed For Unsupported Epoxy?

The recommended unsupported distance for Epoxy Resin Countertops is no more than 6 inches.

Peg Board Questions

Do Epoxy Resin Peg Boards come in custom sizes?

Yes, Epoxy Resin Pegboard can be made to your exact specifications.

What color pegs are shipped with these laboratory drying racks?

Black is standard for our epoxy resin pegboard but white is available at no additional charge.

I lost or broke a Polypropylene peg do you sell replacements?

Yes, we do sell replacement polypropylene pegs. Sizes are 6.5 inches or 8 inches and come in either Black or White.

I would like different size pegs on the lab drying rack, can that be done?

Yes, we just need you to let us how many 6.5 inch pegs you want and how many 8 inch pegs you need.

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