Epoxy Resin Pegboards

Epoxy Resin Pegboard / Epoxy Resin Lab Drying Racks

Epoxy Resin lab pegboards are the best solution for drying laboratory glassware and other accessories. Epoxy Resin Drying Racks are suitable for use in any laboratory environment. Epoxy resin pegboards are extremely resistant to moisture, heat and the majority of laboratory chemicals. Epoxy resin pegboards are made out of the same solid material as our epoxy resin countertops and come with high quality polypropylene pegs to protect your glassware. Polypropylene drying rack pegs are available in 6.5″ and 8″ lengths and come in either white or black. All orders are sent with Black pegs unless requested.

Epoxy Resin Pegboard _ Lab Drying Racks

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