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ChemTops offers Epoxy Countertops that are molded and oven cured in large slabs and can be sold as such or custom fabricated to meet your exact specifications. During the epoxy resin countertop creation, the Epoxy resin initial curing stage ensures complete chemical reaction throughout the material to create a uniform worksurface of the highest quality. Epoxy countertops are resistant to most chemicals, moisture, impact and heat.

Epoxy resin countertops are the ideal solution for environments that are very corrosive or have a high level of moisture. Epoxy countertops are perfect for labs, research facilities, and even commercial areas where chemicals are used. If you are considering Epoxy Resin Countertops, Chemtops has years of experience with Epoxy Resin countertops and can help guide you in your decision making process. Please call us today at (866) 539-4716 to request a quote or speak with an epoxy resin specialist.

If you would like to order epoxy resin countertops, please note that all epoxy countertops and epoxy resin table tops come with a drip grove unless otherwise noted.

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