Let This Sink In.

Chemical Resistant

Easy to Install

Easy to Clean

Easy to Seal

Unbeatable Value

Epoxy Resin Sinks complete the lab and are available in many depths, sizes and shapes. Epoxy is the only lab grade worksurface system with molded sinks of the same durable material. Durcon offers your choice of DropIn and Undermount styles as well as specialty sinks for numerous applications.

DropIn Sinks

DropIn Sinks are top mounted. This simplified method of installation seals the sink cutout and eliminates the worksurface overhang between the inner walls of undermount sink basins and the sink cutout which can gather residual chemicals and bacteria.

ADA Sinks

Durcon offers several shallow basin, graduated depth sinks that are ADA compliant. By eliminating the need for support systems under the sink, ADA DropIn sinks accommodate lab users with special needs and help conform to American with Disabilities Act Guidelines.

Double DropIn Sinks

Molded one-piece Double DropIn sinks are also Available. Alternatively, a pair of single Dropin sinks can be installed side-by-side with a 1′ work-surface strip between the two installed sinks.

Made in the USA

All of our countertops are made right here in the USA. We are a long-time, trusted partner with Durcon, who provides all of our epoxy, phenolic, and solid surface countertops. Every workbench, run of casework, countertop, pegboard, and sink, comes to life in our plant in Elgin, Texas before we ship it off to our customers.

SEFA Tested

We’ve been a stable partner with SEFA for years, ensuring that every item we make lives up to rigorous testing standards. You can rest assured that you will get 100% quality every time. This includes repeated load bearing, hinge testing, and joint durability exercises that ensure our furniture holds up under any stress.

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