Epoxy Resin Sinks
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Epoxy Resin Sinks

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Epoxy Resin Drain Boards

Epoxy Resin Drain Boards

Increase productivity and efficiency with epoxy resin drain tops. Chemtops offers this unique epoxy resin worksurface to improve performance in lab sink areas. Liquid control begins with the epoxy drain board’s raised outer marine edge. This raised safety barrier surrounds the worksurface preventing most spills and splashes from overflowing onto lab technicians, case work and lab flooring. The epoxy resin drain top surface directs liquids toward the sink with a slight pitch. This increases the height of the containment barrier around the sink’s splash zone. These tops incorporate a raised rib drain board design. These durable ribs elevate laboratory glassware above the worksurface which increases air flow in and around wet items and reduces drying times. The smooth rib surfaces are designed to eliminate absorption and ease clean ups. Thorough cleaning prevents chemicals from mixing in the sink area and reduces the staining typical with machined drain grooves. With good housekeeping practices, the epoxy resin draintop can retain its good looks for the life of the lab!

Lab grade faucets, eyewashes and other lab accessories can be mounted on the large elevated rear deck. The elevated deck keeps laboratory fixtures above the wet area protecting them against corrosive chemical and moisture damage and eliminates the possibility of standing water seeping into the sink cabinet through the fixture hole (before you order lab faucets please ensure sink rim clearance).

Classic Epoxy Resin Drain Top Sizes

Classic drain tops are available to meet many standard size requirements. Back rails can be trimmed to accommodate additional worksurface dimensional requirements (see table below).

Epoxy Resin Drain Top Edge Options

Drain Tops come standard with either a 1/8” bevel or a 1/4” radius exposed edge. These attractive worksurfaces can be used throughout the lab at the end of islands, peninsulas and in wall runs in-line with other epoxy resin tops.

Epoxy Resin Drop In Sinks

Epoxy Resin drain tops are excellent platforms for our Epoxy Resin drop in sinks. Any sink can be specified so long as the outer rim dimension plus the sink cutout’s 1/8” [6mm] bevel fit into the drain top sink area. Double Drop in sinks require a 1” [25mm] worksurface strip between the two installed sinks.

Drain Top Colors Options

Specify any of standard epoxy resin colors including Black, Gray, Pewter, Pearl, Pacific Blue and Forest Green. Many additional custom colors can be created on a special order basis.

ADA Compliant Epoxy Resin Sinks

ChemTops offers two styles and five sizes of specially designed epoxy resin drop in sinks to help facilities planners achieve federal ADA compliance in K-12 schools, colleges and R&D Laboratories. ADA drop in sinks maximize this additional under-sink area for knee space to accommodate disabled users. Each standard unit features a 5” deep (ID) basin which is installed into a special cutout in the worksurface. This eliminates the need for bulky under-sink supports. Top mounting also elevates the already shallow sink bottom by about 1”. All outside edges and corners have been rounded for the user’s comfort and protection and all ADA drop in sinks feature space saving rear corner drains to move plumbing to the back of the cabinet.

This tiered ADA drop in sink features a graduated depth basin to allow wheelchair access to sinks with full depth basins. The 5” deep front tier can also be used to place small items or apparatus for drying while rinsing or cleaning large items in the 11” deep end. These Extremely Chemical Resistant Epoxy Resin Sink Systems can be provided to allow installation of regular depth sinks that can be changed out to deeper basin sinks or to a shallow basin ADA drop in sink as needed.

For further ADA information please reference the U.S. Department of Justice’s Americans with Disabilities Act home page http://www.ada.gov/ (Note: Some states have additional requirements that supersede federal guidelines).

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